Orlando’s Speculative Fiction Southeast convention

This was the first year this convention took place. The range of authors from indie to traditional were interesting. The editors in attendance were knowledgeable. The panels and workshops were engaging and interactive.

The vendors room (where we were) was a bit of a mess. Basically over half of the room was empty. I was told this was because they were reserved for the panelists, but they were so busy with panels that they never even set up. That would be my only complaint. Would I return next year? Yes. Would I recommend this event? Absolutely.

If you are a writer, I highly suggest attending all three days. Every day had different workshops and panels that ranged from story creation to completion, editing, blogging, querying, and everything else you can think of. Guest panelists ran from bizarro author Tom Lucas to prolific author Orson Scott Card. Next year author Chris Weston and I plan to do a panel on NaNoWriMo preparation.

If you are a reader, there’s plenty for you, too. I spent almost half of what I made buying books. Alia Luria’s book “Compendium” is next on my to read list. You can find it here:


And you can find me next at Ultracon Geek Fest at the South Florida fair ground Nov. 21-22